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Effect of cannabis use in people with chronic non-cancer pain prescribed Opioids: findings from a 4-year prospective cohort study

Gabrielle Campbell, PhD Correspondence information about the author PhD Gabrielle CampbellEmail the author PhD Gabrielle Campbell Wayne D Hall, PhD, Amy Peacock, PhD, Nicholas Lintzeris, MD, Raimondo Bruno, PhD, Briony Larance, PhD, Suzanne Nielsen, PhD, Milton Cohen, MD, Gary Chan, PhD, Richard P Mattick, PhD, Fiona Blyth, PhD, Marian Shanahan, PhD, Timothy Dobbins, PhD, Michael Farrell, MD, Louisa Degenhardt, PhD Background Interest in the use of cannabis and…
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What’s the difference between Epidiolex and other CBD products?

Families whose children suffer seizures from epilepsy have asked legislators in several states to “legalize” cannabidiol (CBD), “medicinal” marijuana, and “whole-plant extracts” so they can use them to reduce their children’s seizures. The marijuana industry has been happy to accommodate, helping parents lobby legislators and, when successful, producing CBD products. But none of these products…
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