Florida’s Battle Against ‘Gas Station Heroin’ and Synthetic Cannabinoids: A Crucial Crackdown on Deadly Substances

Florida officials are cracking down on the sale of a highly addictive and deadly substance found in gas stations and convenience stores. The substance mimics heroin and is advertised as a dietary supplement and sold under the names of Pegasus, Zaza Red, and Tianaa. Known as “gas station heroin,” these products contain Tianeptine which produces a high similar to opioids and can result in serious health complications like respiratory depression, severe sedation, and even fatality. Falsely marketed as remedies for depression, pain, anxiety, and opioid use disorder, these products have led to a rise in poisonings. Testimonials from users featured in a recent news article describe the intense withdrawal symptoms they endure, coupled with the daily cost, totaling hundreds of dollars, on bottles of this product in order to avoid these grueling symptoms.

Thanks to the swift action of Florida leaders there has been a crucial crackdown on this deadly substance. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody recently filed an emergency rule designating Tianeptine as a Schedule 1 substance. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services carried out an investigation of over 50 businesses throughout the state, seizing 653 packages of Tianeptine in Lee and Orange Counties. This investigation also seized 1,272 packages of products containing THC-O, which is a controlled synthetic cannabinoid, from businesses in Clay, Highlands, Hillsborough, Leon, Miami-Dade, Pasco, Polk, and Seminole counties.

In the wake of a similar operation by Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson’s office and Governor DeSantis’ hemp law reform in July, designed to safeguard Florida’s youth by banning the promotion and sale of hemp products to minors, state officials are making significant strides in protecting Floridians from this predatory industry.





*Photo retrieved from: https://www.myfloridalegal.com/newsrelease/video-attorney-general-moody-outlaws-gas-station-heroin-florida