Monthly Archives: May 2017

S.O.S. Applauds Veto of “Whiskey and Wheaties” bill

Save Our Society From Drugs (S.O.S) applauded the decision of Florida Governor Rick Scott to veto SB 106. The so-called “Whiskey and Wheaties” bill would have allowed Walmart and other big box stores to sell liquor alongside cereal, diapers, and back to school goods, reducing the perception of harm.
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Budget Document Seeks Almost 95 Percent Cut for ‘Drug Czar’ Office

By Steven Nelson May 5, 2017 The White House “drug czar” would see an almost 95 percent reduction in its office’s funding under a budget proposal drafted by the Office of Management and Budget. The cuts would eliminate the two large grant programs managed by the Office of National Drug Control, along with a substantial…
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