Marijuana cultivation damaging the environment of California and the West

By Silent Poison

Published by the Ecological Society of America, a new study from scholars at UC Berkley & Ithaca College Report that confirms that "Planting cannabis for commercial production in remote locations is creating forest fragmentation, stream modification, soil erosion and landslides. Without land-use policies to limit its environmental footprint,
the impacts of cannabis farming could get worse."

This is first systematic study looking at the impact on the environment by cannabis cultivation. They have found the construction of roads and groves is perforating our forests and open space.

The Cultivating Disaster Study was commissioned by Dennis Millis,the 4th District County Supervisor of Calaveras County. It was completed with the help and input from public officials and relevant agencies and the public. It also includes research and analysis from leading academic institutions and media. The study was prepared with the assistance of The Communications Institute (TCI).The Institute, founded in Los Angeles in 2003, has conducted numerous national and state based studies and educational programs analyzing complex public policy issues including a focus on land use policy and the environment.

Over the past several years, Calaveras County has experienced a dramatic increase in the cultivation of Cannabis or marijuana. The previous Calaveras County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance that would permit temporary cultivation of marijuana. This was a huge mistake in ever allowing any cultivation of the drug without adequate understanding of the impact of such activity on the county’s environment, health, and public welfare and safety. It also did not consider the impact cultivation of marijuana on the steep sloping foothills on water quality. The chemicals flowed from the growing sites into the watershed. It should be noted none of the chemicals have been approved on these crops for growth and pest control.

Key Points in the study include Marijuana Cultivation and it's effects on the environment, Scope and Depth of the problem not understood, Environmental Violations, Dangerous/Inappropriate Chemicals used by growers, Millions to Billions in cleanup costs, Water Pollution, Documented Environmental Regulations, and Water Quality in Question.

Download the Cultivating Disaster Study on the Polluting of Calaveras County by clicking on the following link,