Marijuana edibles are food products that have been infused with marijuana. They are considered very dangerous because the pot is absorbed through the stomach instead of the lungs resulting in the effects taking a slower route. Typically it takes one to three hours for these users to feel the effects of the drug. Because of this many users continue to consume edible products thinking the drug is not working resulting in users consuming very high amounts of THC. Once the drug starts to take effect they experience a dangerously intense high which can lead to overdose.

Common marijuana edibles include cookies, candies and soda pops. Marijuana is also made into cooking oil and butter so that any food prepared by users can be infused with marijuana. Edibles are often made with extracted THC, also known as Butane Honey Oil. This process is extremely dangerous as butane is highly flammable and extraction has led to an increase in meth-lab-like explosions. The result of using extracted THC is an edible product that can contain up to 90% THC.

Marijuana infused products look identical to their marijuana free counter parts. Because of this children frequently mistake them as safe products to eat. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), edibles are the leading cause of marijuana overdose in children in states where marijuana is legalized.

Symptoms of marijuana overdose include increased paranoia, hallucinations and delusions, dilated pupils, trouble breathing and in more severe cases the person may become unresponsive and lose consciousness. If a person is showing any signs of an overdose they need to seek medical treatment immediately.