Updated: June 2013

Current Legislation:

HB 2327-  Amending sections 13-3401, 32-1904 and 36-2512, Arizona Revised Statutes; relating to dangerous drugs.  GOVERNOR SIGNED

SB 1345- a licensee or an employee of a licensee shall not possess, use, sell or distribute synthetic cannabinoids on a licensed premise. PASSED

SB 1346- Adds additional chemical substances to Schdule I-V drugs.  PASSED

SB 1440- Bans advertising  in any way that misbrands or states that it dispenses medical marijuana for a use other than the medicinal purposes.  DIED IN COMMITTEE 

Click here to find out how Prop. 203 impacts public safety, businesses and communities in Arizona.

To find out more on what is happening in Arizona, plesae visit:
Click here for information on medical fraud marijuana and here for information on True Compassion.
 Steps you can take to promote sound drug policies include:
1.   Visiting your Representative at either their state or local office
2.   Phoning your legislator
3.   Speaking to organizations in your community about this legislation
4.   Submitting a Letter to the Editor or an Opinion Editorial to your local media outlet


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