Emerging adolescent drug trends: 'Spice' and 'bath salts'

If you have stumbled across this article, it is most likely because you have heard of the latest craze in inebriating substances among youth. "Spice," as it is called, has become an extremely popular, synthetic form of marijuana favored by adolescents. The latest trend at teen parties is not beer pong or prescription medicines pilfered from parents' or friends' medicine cabinets. Instead, increasing numbers of youths are turning to an herb-based product to get high, and unlike marijuana, it's perfectly legal.

'Fake Marijuana' Users Showing Up in Emergency Rooms

THURSDAY, Nov. 11 --(HealthDay News) -- A form of synthetic marijuana known as "K2" is sending young people to the hospital with racing heart beats, extreme anxiety and hallucinations, toxicologists warn.